Meet The Maker



Hello, I’m Lainie!

A busy mommy to two beautiful kids, Ezra and  Ava! Love the ocean, traveling, life, country music, anything green, and sunny days. I am also a DIY-er, serious organizer, wannabe baker, and dreamer. The creator of OhhSoyGoodness, a natural soy candle company located in Alexandria, Virginia.




How it Started

Of all things I love, I love candles. In 2015 my little family hosted our first Thanksgiving feast. We wanted our guest to go home with something special. I decided to try my hands in something new - candles, and gifted them to our families and friends. A few weeks later, I was getting orders! I love sharing the beauty of soy wax and the bright scents it brings. I love the way they capture memories and savor some of the best experiences of life. I have always dreamed of owning a little shop, so I took a chance on my newfound passion for candle-making.

With the support of my positive, loving family and lots of praying, I gained the courage to pursue something that I not only believe in, but immensely enjoy. When I'm surrounded by my favorite scents, everything makes sense. 

My mission is to bring comfort, love, and aromatic goodness to as many homes as possible. Thank you for all your love and support!